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November 16th - 29th , 2010

World - Win Tour Edition

Israel, November 2010

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Egypt and Israel! 31 people, 23 meals, 14-days, 13-nights, 10 days touring on 4 different continents (Europe, Africa, Asia, North America), 3 busses, 1 bus on a ferry crossing the Suez Canal, 1 boat tour on the Sea of Galilee flying the Texas flag, several bodyguards, a mummy, a dip in the Jordan River, diving in the Red Sea, and much much more!

Moshe's Mission:



Our guide, Dr. Moshe Bronstein, a Jewish born Christian and Biblical archeologist and one of the best tour guides available in Israel challenged us not only to know our Bible, but also to grasp the historical significance of walking where Jesus and other Biblical leaders actually walked and lived! 



Dr. Moshe Bronstein


When Moshe Bronstein shares and speaks, you can feel his passion and love and if one is not careful – be infected by his “archeological bug”.  He truly is a modern-day “Indiana Jones”.  Moshe always brings you back in time – turning the clock back to 2,000 years, 3,000 years even 4,000 years ago, reliving Biblical events so clear and vivid thus making our Bible readings with deeper understandings with greater insight and brings to mind “ if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out”. Moshe brings you to sites beyond tourism.  At times he will have the group dramatize the events which really liven up the atmosphere.

 Moshe Bronstein, is an Israeli born ”Sabra”, a soldier, and archaeologist with a unique love of the Bible, and as an expert on security and military strategy, Moshe has many roles in Israel.  Among them, he was Director of Development for the City of David Excavations and an excellent licensed tour guide, leading people through Israel…a land dear to his heart.

He is a former General in the Israeli Army, and earlier in his Military Career he was the actual Bodyguard for David Ben Gurion. He was the Director of Tourism for the City of David (Ancient Jerusalem), a PhD Archaeologist who helps oversee the excavations in the City of David , the Pool of Siloam, King David’s Palace and the Southern Wall of Mt. Zion, and has lead the LatterGlory Archaeological Adventure back in July 2009 and he has been an Archaeologist in Israel now for over 30 years.

In 1967, the Six Day War, Moshe met with an unfortunate incident of death while fighting to liberate Jerusalem, but was revived and rehabilitated.  Moshe’s life took a turn because he knew that God had given him another chance.  While he carried on his duty and his daily life, Moshe could not ignore a calling so strong…passion and love for the land and the people of Israel…the people of God.  Moshe combined his political and military expertise with the love and involvement in biblical studies.  He took up archaeological studies and, after 30 years, has established a name for himself in the field.  He is also active in raising funds and helping to develop sites, connecting people from all over the world to help support biblical and archeological works in Israel.  Excavations and new discoveries have always brought him much excitement.  When Moshe speaks, you can feel the passion and love he has for it all.  Moshe will bring you back in time, turning the clock 2,000, 3,000, and 4,000 years in antiquity to relive the biblical events clearly and vividly, thus making the biblical text ‘come alive’ and providing deeper understanding and greater insight.

Moshe brings you to sights beyond ‘tourism’, taking you to places few tourist often go.  You will be on the path as well as ‘off the beaten path’ when you go with him.  He adds unique experiences and effects to help you experience the place…this might be by picking up an herb, tasting it and talking about it or by dressing in biblical-era costumes and performing re-enactments, just as a few examples.  He unselfishly shares the knowledge and understanding that he has gleaned of these past many years.  He lives as if for one purpose…to secure the Land of Israel and to help make it known and better understood.

Moshe has initiated and established many programs, foundations, art centers, and businesses, in order to help the various communities within Israel, physically, economically and spiritually.  He has a special love for ‘children at risk’ and helped to establish communities to help support their needs, among them the school of art at the Youth Aliyah Village at Neurim, where children have a chance to uplift themselves into the mainstream of society.  The center for Autistic Children that he helped to found has established more than 28 kindergartens and centers for autistic children.

Most currently, Moshe is building the Moreshet Heritage Foundation- Israel, Ltd., with a strong focus on preserving biblical heritage sites, education and economic development.

Moshe Bronstein invites you to come and share a second chance of life with him!

Egypt is a republic with a developing economy.  It has extensive facilities for tourists.  Read the Department of State Background Notes on Egypt for additional information.


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Israeli Tour Guide

Moshe Bronstein

Occupation:  Biblical Archeologist, Tourism Director for City of David Excavations







World - Win Tour Edition

Israel, November 2010


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