Ensenada, Mexico Mission Trip

May 3rd - 6th, 2007

Extreme Building Home Edition

Ensenada, Mexico 2007

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Mission Fact Sheet:

Overview of Program: Who did we partner with?

Youth with a Mission International (YWAM) is the international, interdenominational mission agency who hosted and directed this trip. YMAM has over 12,000 full-time workers in 650 locations in 135 nations. YWAM has 3 ministry focuses: Evangelism; Training; and Mercy Ministry. Each worker is responsible for his own needs.  YWAM also includes many groups that are business and non-church related.

Homes for Hope began in Tijuana in 1990 to build one house for one family. To date, more than 1200 homes have been built for the poorest of the poor in Tijuana, Ensenada, Guadalajara, Juarez and Cancun, Mexico. There are 3 main criteria used in selecting families to receive homes: they have at least 2 children; their family income is less than $75 per week; they have the rights to the land on which the home will be built. For an overview of this program click here.

How we build a Home Of Hope; website by Keith Rutledge (pictures and slideshow from this trip included).

Each home consist of a 16' x 20' concrete slab, wood construction, single story, two room home wired for electricity. It takes two full working days or a total of 16 hours to build each home. We bought all supplies and materials for each home before we arrive and have them staged by YWAM for when we arrive. The approximate cost for each house is $5,500 (in 2007 US Dollars).   There are two prayer times during each home-building event: one opening prayer at the work site, and one dedication prayer at the end of the building project.

This year approximately 200 homes will be built for needy families in Tijuana and Ensenada, with over 5,000 participants seeking to help people of Mexico.

Ensenada, Mexico 4-1-1:
Where did we go and what was it like there?

The state of Baja, CA, has a road that runs down the entire 1,000 mile long peninsula and Ensenada, Mexico.  Ensenada is found along that road. It is approximately 70 miles south of the US-Mexican border in Todos Santos Bay. Ensenada is a diverse city discovered by the Portuguese in 1542. In 1870 the city became famous when gold was discovered. From 1822-1915 the city was capitol of the state of Baja, CA. After the revolution, the capitol moved to Mexicali. Today, the industries are shipping, fishing, agriculture of olives and grapes and tourism. The area is known for its outdoor adventures, cruise-liners, and other activities. The city has a population of 370,000 and includes the colonias (neighborhoods) of destitute people needing both spiritual and physical shelter.


Download Map of the Ensenada, Mexico area

Our Mission's Team Schedule:

Day 1- May 3rd (Thursday):
am - Meet at church and drive to airport to fly as a group from Austin, TX to San Diego, CA. (Flight CO 640 @ 9:45am)
1:45pm - YWAM staff meets us at airport to load / board van and drive to Ensenada, Mexico (with a slight detour to In-N-Out Burgers).
6:00 pm Arrival in Ensenada at YWAM "Base Camp".
7:00pm - Homes Of Hope orientation.
8:30pm - Group Prayer Time. 
Free time and sleep.

Day 2- May 4th (Friday):
7:30am - Breakfast.
8:00am - Group prayer and worship time
8:30am - Depart for house site.
9:00am - Work on houses.
12:30pm - Lunch.
1:00pm - Work on houses.
5:30pm - Depart for Base Camp
6:00pm - Dinner.
7:30pm - Group Prayer/Process time.
10:00pm - 'Tacos at Ten" down the street
Free time and sleep.

Day 3- May 5th (Saturday):

Same as Friday

Day 4- May 6th (Sunday):
7:00am - Clean up housing and pack
7:30am - Breakfast.
8:00am - Group Prayer/Process time
9:00am - Depart Base Camp for San Diego, CA.
1:00pm- Arrive in San Diego
2:35pm - Fly from San Diego, CA to Austin, TX. (Flight CO 1533)
10:17pm - Arrive Austin

The Mission's Team and our Families:

Team Home 1: Building a home for the Espinoza Chavez Family


IMPACT Folks:                                YWAM Staff:
Emily F.
                                              Mitch Carlson      (A builder)                                           
Emily M.
                                              Oscar Carrasco  (B builder - A builder in training)                                          
Amanda W.
                                       Johally Carlson  (host/hostess)
Anne D.
Drema G.
Jennifer R.
Joanna M.
Katherine B.
Katherine H. (Team Leader)
Shelly D.
Tom B.
Greg S.
Jonathan H.
Keith R.
Ko S.
Matt R.
Stephen L.
Theo F.
Tim R.


Team Home 2: Building a home for the Rodriguez Ruiz family Family


IMPACT Folks:                        YWAM Staff:
Elaine E.                                              Neil Grosso (A builder)
Emily F.
                                               Cesar Pucheta (B Builder)
Emily M.
                                              Aubrey Priestley  (host/hostess)
Jennifer S.
Nelly R.
Lauren B.
Suzanne B.
Ben B.
Dan A.
Jeff F. (Team Leader)
Jimmy C.
Reid S.
Scott M.
Tate J.
Tom T.

YWAM Support Staff:
Paul (pronounced "pahuul")


Extreme Building Home Edition

Ensenada, Mexico 2007

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