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Welcome to my Scott's Adventures website!

The stories you are about to read are all true; however, the names of the individuals involved may have been changed to protect the innocent. 
Those who are guilty, we already know who you are...

My Adventures in 
Egypt, Israel, and Paris

 My Big Adventure of 2009:
Scott's Adventures in China

Past bulletins and photo galleries can still be viewed in my Archive sections located to the left.

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Scott's Blog

Saturday 04.13.2013: Back in Texas:

The Replublic of Texas is where I call my home

OK, so its been a while since I have posted anything here.  Actually, a verrrrrrry loooooonnnnngggg time.  For starters, this website was created in FrontPage, a Microsoft program that is no longer supported and I was unaware that upon migrating to Windows 7, I would no longer be able to access this editor.  I was planning on redoing this site into WordPress, however, like a lot of great ideas... I am still debating how?
Fast forward to today......  I have a new computer and a new copy of FrontPage 2003.  Ponder averted (for now).  So..... as the movie The Shining puts it; "Here's Johnny".  I'm back.

For you loyal Scott's Adventure's fans, I know you have kept up with me on Face Book, so I will not recap everything I have done up till now except for..... I am now back in Austin, Texas. I have been kept pretty busy with a couple of jobs and several advisory board positions that keeps me pretty tied down (View Scott's LinkedIn profile).  Stay tuned for the next exciting adventure of..... Scott's Adventures .......


Saturday10.22.2011: The big Move to Denver, Colorado  

Texas is where I am right now

It is now official, I have moved to Colorado!  After three flights to Denver over the past year and a lot of praying and soul-searching, I have decided to make the jump and leave the great Republic of Texas for the Rocky Mountain State! 

What happened to fall?  I went from 109 deg weather (for over 91 days) to 40's in less than three days.  And what is this white stuff anyway?

I am now living in Lakewood, Colorado and actively searching for employment and a church to call home.  

Feel free to follow my little "Scott's Adventures" on FaceBook as well as here for my big adventures to come.  If you are not a current friend on FaceBook, please email me and I will be glad to add you to my friends list.


Tuesday 02.22.2011- EGYPT UPDATE:

Egypt's Flag

Hello Scott's Adventures Travelers,

On Friday 12th of February, nearly two months after my visit to Cairo, Egypt, the people of Egypt forced out their Egyptian Dictator of 30 years
Hosni Mubarak and his regime after an 18 day protest.  This all happened blocks from where we were!

We have been concerned for our guides and support staff's safety in Egypt as well as Israel.
Here is the latest news as of Tuesday 2.22.2011:

I just heard back from Moshe and according to his e-mail, Marco (our Egyptian guide) in Egypt is doing OK.  However, he has not been able to get in touch with our other Egyptian guide, Lillian, but will keep trying.  I am so glad we were able to go to Egypt before the social unrest occurred.  I certainly had no indication of what was percolating under the political surface while we were there for three nights in November. 

I felt very safe and the locals (Egyptians) seemed to be very nice to us when we greeted them (i.e., even the Egyptian white-clad guards at the Pyramids of Giza that I joked with were nice as we shared a laugh). - Peter T. (our U.S. trip leader in Austin)

 I am hoping we can return to Israel in November of 2012 and have another phenomenal trip with Moshe. - Scott

Sunday 01. 16.2011: Israel Trip website up and running full steam!
My Scott's Adventure in Israel, Egypt, and Paris has now been fully published here, at Scott's Adventures.  Check it out!  I added information about Moshe, our guide and mentor along with facts on Israel, Egypt and our accommodations.  Don't want to miss this

Saturday 01.08.2011: More Israel Trip Up On The Web!
I have been working hard these last few days to put up pictures and add content to my Israel trip.  Still to come: Our guide Moshe's bio, and hotel and country information and other tidbits. Cant wait for all of you to see these sections.
Tomorrow I will be installing a NAS (Network Attached Storage) System for Austin Samaritans, a non-profit organization that I serve as a Board member.  I am looking forward to getting my hands dirty and doing some IT Engineering work instead of coding websites and developing SaaS Software.  Oh Boy, look out!

Thursday 01.07.2010:  Israel Trip Is Up On The Web!
Great news!  My Scott's Adventure in Israel, Egypt, and Paris has now been published here, to Scott's Adventures.  I am still working on posting photos and tidbits from the trip, but the main portion of the trip is ready for ya'll to see and experience.  Leave me feedback too.

Tuesday 01.04.2011: Happy New Year!
Now that the sun is out and the snow is melting here in Loveland, CO it feels warmer than the last couple of days.  But don't let that fool you, it is still 30 Deg F. out side.  But it looks like a great day to go out side and hike all over the mountains some more.
Bryan's kids are back in school, Jennifer is back at work so it is just Bryan and I left to mischief once again. I leave to return to Austin, Texas tomorrow so I best be getting all of this mountaineering and cold weather fun out of me before I head back to the "ranch".

It has been a fun trip up here. I have even managed to get a little business done while up here too.  A bonus for the new year.....  Now, how do I arrange it so I can move up here? You know; "you can take the kid out of Texas, but you can't take the Texas out of the kid."  After all, I am just a big kid.

Friday 12.31.2010:  The last day of 2010: 
Wow, the last day of 2010 is upon us. Where did this year go?  Why just yesterday it seems that I was returning from China and this year was just beginning. Now I am am back up in the Denver, Colorado area with friends and having a good old white winter time with Bryan and Jennifer.  I have known Bryan and Jennifer for years now; Bryan is one of my Sigma Tau Gamma (STG) Little Brothers from my undergrad years at Texas Tech University.  He and his Wife Jennifer now live up in the Fort Collins area with their three kids.  They just celebrated their 14th anniversary together.  Cool!  
Anyone up for a snow ball fight?

I am still working on publishing my Israel travels. Lots of great information, facts, and pictures to post.  I'll let ya'll know as soon as I publish this site. Look at the top of this page for the active link to appear.

Happy New Year and stay safe tonight!


I know that 2011 will be a lot more adventurous and filled with all sorts of really awesome things to come.  So I say; "Bring on 2011". 
Queue the Fire Works, light the bonfire, and gather with friends, and let the snow keep comming.  What a good way to finish off the year.


And so the adventures live on........  Soli Deo Gloria


 Don't worry if you no longer see my past blogs here.  I have relocated them to my Archived Blogs area.

Scott's Quote Corner:

Scott's most recent trip to Israel in 201031 people, 23 meals, 14-days, 13-nights, 10 days touring on 4 different continents.

Scott's trip South of the Border: Managua, Nicaragua Mission Trip.

Scott's 2009 adventure: China!  32 people, 14 time zones, 12 days, 8 flights, 6 cities, 2 cruises, 1 over-night train, a boat, bus and some bikes all this fall. 

"When you stop learning you stop living" - Said to colleges during the start of Scott's Grad school 2004.

"If given the opportunity, complacency kills" - Part of Scott's SCUBA Diving training material that is also true for every part of ones life.  "For when people become complacent, accidents will soon follow."

"You are never guaranteed yesterday (Alzheimer's) or tomorrow, just this second of time, so make the most of every second you receive."- Part of a talk Scott gives as part of his passion for getting out there and making your adventures become reality.

"Never take life for granted." Reminding us all to be bold but humble in what ever we are blessed with.  "Life is a gift, we must remember to use our gifts given to us wisely, blessing others as we go."

When living life and managing projects become unclear, Scott reminds folks to always remember: "Live for today, plan for tomorrow, and remember the past in this order. "  

"Never pet a burning dog!"- This "priceless tip" was given to a waitress at a famous restaurant in Lubbock, Texas back in 1991 when she asked for good "tip".

"Everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle." - Another great reason to help people achieve victories in life.  For their battles may have already been mastered by you and you might be able to teach them how to win their battles.

Scott's Mexico adventure: Ensenada, Mexico Mission Trip

     Coming Soon: 

  • Returning to the Colorado Mountains?
  • The next Mission Trip
  • Adventures in Cuba....
  • Geocaching, What is it and how can I get involved?

Photo Album - Latest Pictures


My Photo Album section contains 12 pictures that I will change on a random basis.  Some will be from new adventures while others will be from previous ones.  Click on the above link to get to my album.  

Here I am holding one of the kids at La Chureca, better known as the Managua city dump, where more than 2,000 people (250 families) call home.  Want to know more? Visit my Nicaragua Trip.

A brief look at the weather where I am:

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A special thanks must to go out to Sherman Quick and his awesome outdoor adventures from the summer of 2004 in Colorado Springs, CO.  For he was truly my partner in adventuring and my inspiration for this very website.   I have to say "Thanks Sherm!" Without his awesome guidance and teachings, this website and all of my adventures listed within would not be here for you to learn from and experience.  Visit with Sherm and experience his adventures from the Master Adventurer Himself at May you treks continue where ever you go.

My archives can be reached by clicking on the following link:

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